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Micro worm gear set

Ever-power manufactures worm gear sets, which are comprised of a worm and worm wheel, for use in a variety of industries including aerospace and military instrumentation, medical, dental, oil and gas exploration, robotics, and optical and industrial controls. Our precision worm gear sets can be manufactured to meet the latest AGMA/ISO specifications up to the equivalent of AGMA Q14 per AGMA 390. 03.

Micro Worm Gear Set Details

Our catalog of worm gear sets is Framo-Morat compliant, with diameters ranging from 20 to 135 mm and axial distances from 17 to 80 mm. In addition, we offer custom worm gear sets up to 300mm in diameter and 210mm center distance.
Catalogs of worm gear sets are usually available (from our warehouse) in a variety of axial distances and gear ratios, with slight variations. We can also calculate and produce customer-specific axial distances and gear ratios at the factory. We prefer to produce worm gear sets for right-handed users, but these worm gear sets can be designed for left-handed users upon request.
We perform all major soft and hard machining steps in-house, including annealing in our own oven. Thanks to a wide production depth, we are able to carry out even highly complex machining tasks precisely in accordance with our customers’ expectations and with the highest quality. Learn more here.

We offer an extensive selection of precision worm gear collection options including:

Best Hand Worm and Worm Wheels
(Left hand on request)
Anti-Backlash Worm Wheels
Pin Hub and Split Hub Worm Wheels

Browse our collection of stainless-metal worms and bronze worm wheels. You can expect many regular sizes and have the look expertise to manufacture custom-made worm wheels to printing. Both our regular and custom worm tires are available in a number of pitches, diameters, begins, and ratios so that you can pick from:

Micro Worm Gear Set Materials

The worm is hardened; The hole and the side of the worm are ground. The standard worm gear is made of vl22, a copper-zinc alloy with aluminum, silicon, and manganese additives. This is a special quality in the cuzn40al2 group according to DIN 17660 for sliding purposes (new product according to en: cuzn37mn3al2pbsi). The aluminum content gives it very high chemical resistance.

Plastic worm gear

Due to poor thermal conductivity, plastic worm gears are only suitable for low sliding speed and medium tooth surface load of < 1.5 m / s. The worm must be hardened and must have ground sides.
The torque capacity of plastic worm gears is about 60% of that of similar bronze worm gears (this is suitable for use with mineral grease).

Bronze worm gear

Copper tin 12 DIN 1705
Relatively soft material, good wear resistance: suitable for high sliding speed.
Copper tin 12 nickel DIN 1705
Relatively soft material with very high wear resistance: suitable for very high sliding speed.
CuAl10Fe3 Mn2 DIN 17665 / 17672
Relatively hard antifriction material for high load and relatively low speed.

Applications of micro worm gear set

  • Automatic door system
  • These systems (left and right) need to move in 1 direction and block the system at the end of the operation. The mechanism can be used to open and close the door because the door closes every time the worm contacts. More specifically, the system is locked due to helical gears.
  • Musical Instruments
  • Worm gear screws are usually found in the adjustment systems of guitars, violins, and other string instruments. Its significant mechanical force allows easy tensioning of the rope.
    Plastic worm mechanism as small motor reducer
    This resource is typically used to provide greater deceleration in smaller sizes.
  • Mechanical parts manufacturing
  • Elevator: worm screw is also used for elevator or screw conveyor
    These devices consist of a wide, fixed, or variable pitch screw that rotates in the housing to move the product from input to output.
  • Automobile steering system
    The basic component of a steering system of an automobile is the worm. In these systems, the worm constantly meshes with the spur gear. The screw is connected to the steering wheel through the “steering column”, and the steering wheel is connected to the steering arm. Due to this mechanism, every time the steering wheel is turned, the car’s steering wheel will turn at a specific angle, depending on the transmission ratio in use.
  • Speed reducer
    Worm drive reducers are widely used in various industrial applications because they provide significant transmission ratios in small spaces. On the other hand, the transmission of motion is performed at 90 °, which allows the transmission to be performed at right angles.
  • Worm reducer
  • As a disadvantage, the worm gear reducer bears more friction due to sliding, which will lead to higher working temperature and greater energy consumption.
    When we discuss the types of the worm drive, we can list some, such as spiral worm, segmented screw, blade screw, hourglass worm, and long pitch worm.

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